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Construction Stops COVID

Construction Stops COVID is a coalition of the Greater Boston Building Trades Unions, Partners In Health (PIH), and local non-profit public health agency Harbor Health Services. Read more about the Construction Stops COVID coalition.

Greater Boston Building Trades Unions

The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions represent 35,000 working families in the Metropolitan Boston region. The building trades unions advance social and economic justice by providing family-supporting wages, healthcare benefits, and dignified retirement benefits to workers and their families in the construction industry. The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions strive to create a more fair and just environment for all workers in the construction industry.

Partners In Health (PIH)

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl and Dr. Jim Yong Kim, Partners In Health is a nonprofit social justice organization working in the U.S. and around the world to bring the benefits of modern medical science to the most vulnerable communities around the world. PIH has a documented history of implementing effective health delivery models in partnership with governments and academic institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, helping PIH make vital contributions to curbing outbreaks and epidemics in limited-resource settings.

Partners In Health will be supporting public health awareness efforts by providing expert and scientific messaging to inform the industry about sound safety measures aimed at keeping this vital workforce on the job while keeping themselves, their families, and the community safe.

Building Trades Employers’ Association

The BTEA is identified throughout New England and the northeast as the major voice for the union building trades contractors. The BTEA encompasses seven different area trade associations that employ tradespeople from several different local building trades unions.

To best serve our membership we maintain a strong affiliation with various national contractors associations. Along with several national affiliations, we maintain close working relationship with several of the area building trades unions. The BTEA forms labor committees from each of its seven trade groups in order to negotiate with 13 different trades covering over 85 different local unions in the northeast region.

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